What are the introductions to the start of the gasoline saw engine?

Starting of the gasoline saw engine   

1. When starting, the choke door should be opened when the car is cold, and the choke door is not needed when the car is warm, and the manual oil pump is pressed for more than 5 times at the same time.   
2. Put the machine motor support and the shackle on the ground, and place them firmly in a safe position. If necessary, place the shackle on a higher position and remove the chain protection device. The chain cannot touch the ground or other objects.   
3. Choose a safe position and stand firmly. Use your left hand to firmly press the machine on the ground at the fan housing, with your thumb under the fan housing, and do not step on the protective tube or kneel on the machine.   
4. Pull out the starting rope slowly until it stops, and then pull it out quickly and forcefully after it rebounds.   
5. If the carburetor is adjusted properly, the cutting tool chain cannot rotate in the idle position.   
6. When there is no load, the throttle should be moved to the idle speed or low throttle position to prevent runaway; when working, the throttle should be increased.   
7. When all the oil in the oil tank is used up and refuel, the manual oil pump should be depressurized at least 5 times before restarting.
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