What are the cutting skills of chainsaw?

Chain saw logging tips:

 When using a chain saw, be sure to hold the chain saw firmly with both hands, and grasp the front handle with your right hand. Even those who are accustomed to using the left hand should do this. When doing the initial work, the chain saw should be opened to the maximum throttle, and then It is clamp clamping; clamp clamping is very important! Otherwise the chain saw will pull the person back. Always pay attention to the surrounding environment, calm and sober tasks; in slope tasks, the user must stand on the upper part of the tree trunk or face it.


Pay attention to the rolling of the trees, and avoid the danger of tripping over by stumps, branches and ditches. When sawing trees with debris, be careful. The wood chips that split with the sawing will cause danger; pay special attention to the damage of the trees. Naturally inclined, the branches are particularly luxuriant. Pay attention to the wind direction and wind. Do not cut trees if the wind is too strong; there must be an interval of 2.5 times the length of the felled trees between tasks, so that the felling does not endanger the safety of others.


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