What accessories system does the chain saw consist of?

The accessories system of the chainsaw consists of:
1. Control system Including rear handle, front handle, accelerator hook, accelerator trigger, trigger spring, trigger control arm, trigger lock, circuit switch, damper lever, brake assembly, etc.
2. Power system Including cylinder, piston, piston ring, piston pin, piston pin needle roller bearing, crankshaft, crankcase, etc.
3. Air intake system Including air filter, intake seat (aluminum), etc.
4. Fuel supply system Including fuel tank, fuel filter head, fuel pipe, carburetor, carburetor bracket, intake throat, intake plastic pad, crankcase, negative pressure nozzle, intake pipe, etc.
5. Ignition system Flywheel, high pressure package, spark plug, etc.
6. Exhaust system including muffler, etc.
7. Starting system Including starting handle, starting rope, starting rope wheel, starting spring, dial block, etc.
8. Air cooling system Including flywheel, shroud, wind hood, cylinder cooling fins, carburetor insulation pad, etc.
9. Lubrication system Including oil tank (crankcase), oil filter head, oil pipe, oil pump, fuel injector, turbine, etc.
10. The clutch system includes clutch, clutch disc (passive disc), sprocket needle roller bearing, sprocket large flat pad, etc.

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