Use and maintenance of chain saws and daily troubleshooting!

Chainsaw, short for "gasoline chainsaw" or "gasoline powered saw". Power saw for felling and lumbering. Its sawing mechanism is a saw chain. The power part is a gasoline engine. Easy to carry and easy to operate. But maintenance and repair are more complicated.

The chain saw is a two-stroke power, and attention should be paid to the power and cutting tools in use to ensure the normal use of the machine: the engine is a two-stroke engine, and the fuel used is gasoline and oil mixed oil, and the mixture ratio is: two-stroke special Oil: gasoline = 1: 50 (ordinary oil: gasoline = 1: 25). The gasoline should be No. 90 or higher, and the oil should be two-stroke engine oil. The symbol is 2T. Be sure to use brand-name special engine oil. It is strictly forbidden to use four-stroke engine oil. It is recommended that the new machine should be equipped with 1:40 (ordinary oil 1:20) in the first 30 hours, and the normal ratio of 1:50 (ordinary oil 1:25) after 30 hours. 25), otherwise the concentration will be too thin, which will cause the machine to pull the cylinder. Please dispense oil strictly according to the oil dispenser attached to the machine, and do not dispense oil at will. It is best to use the mixed oil now, and it is strictly forbidden to use the mixed oil that has been set for a long time; before the machine works, run it at low speed for a few minutes to see if the saw chain oil is lubricated to form an oil line, and then work. When the machine is working, put the accelerator on the high speed use. After working a tank of oil, you should rest for 10 minutes. After each work, clean the loose gasket of the machine to ensure heat dissipation; remove the spark plug every 25 hours, use a wire brush to remove the dust on the electrode, and adjust the electrode gap to 0.6 [1]-0.7mm is good; the air filter removes dust every 25 hours, and the dust should be more frequent. The cleaning of the foam filter element is to use gasoline or washing liquid and water to clean, squeeze to dry, then soak in the oil, squeeze out the excess oil to install. The fuel filter (suction head) removes impurities every 25 hours.
When using a new machine for the tool part, you should pay attention to the tightness of the saw chain so that the saw chain can be pushed to rotate. It is advisable to use a portable saw chain with the guide teeth parallel to the guide plate. After a few minutes of use, pay attention to tightening the saw chain again.
Before using the safe operation, people or animals are not allowed to move around within 20 meters. Be sure to check the grass for debris such as angle iron, stones, etc., and remove the debris on the grass.

When storing, it is necessary to clean the body, let off the mixed fuel, and burn the fuel in the carburetor; remove the spark plug, add 1-2ml two-stroke oil to the cylinder, pull the starter 2-3 times, and install the spark plug

Troubleshooting of chainsaws:
Chain saws are sold in large quantities in China, and they have been widely used since 2000. The most well-known imported brands are Kyoritsu, Komatsu, etc. Most of the domestic brands are imitated and imported brands, which also leads to there is no unified standard in this industry in China. Due to the gap in material selection and process technology, the quality of domestic chain saws is far less than that of imported brands, and the price has become the biggest advantage of domestic brand competition.
⒈ If the chain saw appears to be refueling and flame out, working less energetically, or overheating the heater, it is generally the problem of the filter. Therefore, before working, it is necessary to check the filter. A clean and qualified filter is aimed at sunlight and should be clear and bright, otherwise it is unqualified. If the filter of the chain saw is not clean enough, it should be washed with hot soapy water and dried. A clean filter can ensure the normal use of the chainsaw.
⒉When the saw teeth of the chain saw become unsharp, you can use a special file to rest the teeth of the sawtooth chain to ensure the sharpness of the saw teeth. At this time, it should be noted that when using the file to file, it should be filed in the direction of the cutting teeth, not in the opposite direction. At the same time, the angle between the file and the chain saw chain should not be too large, and it is appropriate to be 30 degrees.
3. Before using the chain saw, the chain saw chain oil should be added. The advantage of this is that it can provide lubrication for the chain saw, reduce the frictional heat between the chain saw chain and the chain saw guide plate, and protect the guide plate. Chainsaw chains are protected from premature scrapping.
⒋After the chain saw is used, the chain saw should also be maintained, so that the work efficiency can be guaranteed the next time the chain saw is used. The first is to remove the impurities in the oil inlet hole at the root of the chain saw guide plate and the guide plate groove to ensure the smoothness of the oil inlet hole. Secondly, the debris in the guide plate head should also be cleared, and a few drops of oil should be added.

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