Some details to pay attention to when logging chainsaws!

When using a chain saw, you must use both hands to hold the chain saw firmly, and the right hand to grasp the front handle, even if you are accustomed to left-handed people; when you start working, you should open the chain saw throttle to the maximum. Then there's clamp clamping; clamp clamping is important otherwise the chainsaw will pull the person backwards. Always pay attention to the surrounding environment, work calmly and soberly; when working on the slope, the user must stand on the upper part of the trunk or in front of it. Watch out for tree rolls and avoid tripping risks from stumps, branches and ditches, be careful when sawing trees with chips, chips that split with sawing pose a risk; Naturally inclined, branches are particularly lush, pay attention to the wind direction and wind force, do not cut trees if the wind is too strong; there must be a distance of 2.5 times the length of the trees to be felled between tasks, so that logging does not endanger the safety of others.

During felling, some lumberjacks pay attention to felling trees with large diameters and despise cutting trees with small diameters. But when it comes to cutting small trees, you don't pay attention, and sometimes you don't even cut down the hawthorn (smear your head), which is very risky. There are many examples of accidents caused by neglecting small trees in logging. This is because the trunk of the small tree is light in weight and low in pressure, so when the tree falls, it will change its direction when it encounters a little resistance. Therefore, when felling small trees, it is also necessary to follow the felling operation rules to ensure safety.

When chain sawing, it is relatively impossible to seal indoor tasks with poor ventilation, even if the chain saw has an exhaust gas catalytic muffler, it is very likely to be poisoned in this environment; do not stand on tree trunks when logging. Saw, hanging branches do not saw from above.

Logging chainsaws have certain risks, and the probability of accidents is relatively large. Therefore, in order to ensure safety, the safety task of chain saw logging operations has seized the key link. Before stopping the forest logging operation, it is necessary to do a good job of self-reflection, maintenance and maintenance of the chain saw, and carefully protect and use the chain saw. . For example, in the process of logging, when a deformed tree is found, certain safety measures must be taken to stop the felling. It is also necessary to avoid the practice of paying attention to big trees and despising small trees, and to carry out operations in accordance with the rules of forestry production safety technical regulations.

When logging, the loggers must take precautionary measures against deformed trees, such as a curved three-warped tree, a double-legged tree, a "child-holding" tree, and a crooked-neck tree. Before felling, lumberjacks must first conduct a detailed inspection of their appearance and characteristics, and determine which factors that are unfavorable to safety are likely to appear after felling trees. If there is no control over the safe production or it is not conducive to safe production, the logging will not be carried out, and the logging will be resumed after taking necessary safety measures.

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