So what's the difference between a chainsaw and a chainsaw?

Different starting methods: Chainsaws are powered by electricity, so there is no need to match the fuel when using the chainsaw. However, it should be equipped with chain saw lubricant to maintain the chain durability of the chain saw. At the same time, the starting method of the chainsaw is relatively simple, just press the power button to work. The method of using a chain saw is more complicated, because the chain saw needs to use the corresponding proportion of fuel, and the chain saw also needs to be started according to standard steps, so if a novice cannot use it, it may cause failures such as cylinder oil spillage.

The operation method is different: the operation of the chainsaw is noisy and the working environment is poor. At the same time, due to the heavy weight of the chainsaw and the large running vibration, the labor intensity of the chainsaw operation is high. Chainsaws are relatively quiet, and because of the overall lighter weight of the saw, it is easier to use a chainsaw than a chainsaw. Especially when using a household chainsaw, you can clearly feel the difference in operation with a chainsaw.

The complexity of maintenance is not the same as the complexity of maintenance: in general, chainsaws have a lower failure rate than chainsaws. When the chainsaw is maintained, as long as the surface of the chainsaw is cleaned, it is basically fine. The maintenance of chainsaws is more complicated. Because there are many parts in a chainsaw, there are many parts in one service. In addition to the air filter, spark plug, fuel filter head and other parts, the carbon deposits on the chain saw need to be cleaned regularly, and the carburetor also needs to be adjusted regularly.

Now everyone is pursuing low-carbon environmental protection! This is the most important point. The use of chainsaws does not require fuel. At the same time, the sound of chainsaws is relatively smaller than that of chainsaws, so the pollution of chainsaws is less than that of chainsaws, because chainsaws are properly In the state of use, zero pollution can be achieved, so the chainsaw can be green and environmentally friendly. Although the price of the chain saw is low and the power is high, because the chain saw still pollutes the environment, it is more environmentally friendly.
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