Do you know the knowledge of chain saw chain adjustment and repair of chain saw accessories?

1. When adjusting the chain saw chain, loosen the guide plate compression nut, use a screwdriver to tighten the guide plate adjustment screw, and turn the guide plate to the right to extend the guide plate and tighten the saw chain. To adjust the tightness, gently lift the saw chain by hand in the middle of the guide plate, so that the gap between the bottom end of the middle guide tooth and the outer use of the guide plate is about 1mm, and then tighten the guide plate compression nut after adjustment.

2. When replacing a new chain saw chain, lightly add the throttle after adjustment, drive the saw chain, and run in from slow to fast. During the running-in process, it is necessary to pump lubricating oil continuously, and then adjust the tension again after running-in. During use, if the saw chain is found to be loose, it should be adjusted in time.

3. The trimming of the teeth of the chain saw chain should be trimmed according to the original blade edge of the saw chain.

Maintenance of petrol chainsaws
A. Daily maintenance
1. Clean up external dust, oil and sawdust
2. Remove and wash the air filter
3. Check whether the fasteners of each part are loose
4. The needle roller bearing in the clutch needs to add oil once per shift
5. Remove the sawdust in the groove of the chain saw guide plate and in the oil hole and add lubricating oil

B. weekly maintenance
1. After the maintenance of each shift is completed.
2. Clean the fuel tank, oil tank and oil filter
3. Remove carbon deposits on the spark plug and adjust the electrode gap
4. Remove the carbon deposit on the muffler
5. Remove the dust inside the hood and between the cooling fins of the cylinder block
6. Remove the oil stains on the console and electrical appliances
7. Remove the needle bearing inside the sprocket and add new lubricating oil

C. monthly maintenance
1. After completing the class and weekly maintenance
2. Disassemble and wash chainsaw carburetor and check valve
3. Clean the cylinder, piston, piston ring, and check whether it is in good condition
4. Clean the inside of the crankshaft of the chainsaw
5. Check the oil seals at both ends of the crankcase of the chainsaw

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