How to sharpen the chainsaw chain when it is blunt?

The electric saw chain is a woodworking power tool that uses a rotating chain saw blade to cut, which is very practical in life. However, after a period of use, the cutter teeth become blunt due to wear, which will affect the efficiency of sawing. Therefore, it is necessary to check regularly and file or replace the saw chain in time. So Haoyu will tell you how to grind the chainsaw chain?




Chainsaw chains are generally seldom sharpened and replaced directly. If you want to sharpen them, use a small 第子 to sharpen them slowly. Buy a round file corresponding to the model of the chainsaw chain and polish it along the crossing. It’s better to be frustrated if one side is down, but the other side is the opposite. When using a file for the chainsaw chain, the speed of the file should not be too fast and too strong to avoid chipping of the file. When filing the chain cutter head, file 3 to 6 times to make the chain cutter head sharp. Too many times of filing will cause the chain cutter head to curl, and at the same time reduce the life of the file and cutter head. When filing the chain cutter head of an electric saw, after filing more than ten times, tap other metals with the file several times to shake off the dust in the teeth of the file, and then it can be used normally. The file should be protected from moisture, oil or other dirt to avoid rust or slippage. It should not be stacked with other hard tools. This will damage the surface of the teeth and affect the filing effect. Choosing a file with an ergonomic handle can make the file easier and more efficient, while reducing the risk of injury.

The chainsaw chain is one of the important accessories for hand-held power tools for high-speed belt-like rotary sawing. Due to the requirements of sawing materials, the saw chain cannot be equipped with a protective cover. Therefore, the operation of the electric chain saw blade should be carried out by specialized personnel to ensure the use and improve the efficiency of the production work.
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