Determine the order of logging before using the logging chainsaw!

The forest logging task requires professional operators with technical experience to perform efficient logging tasks. Since the logging environment is in a large forest wood farm, it is easily affected by the surrounding natural environment and weather. Therefore, in addition to requiring a chain saw during the logging process In addition to mastering the use of chainsaws, understanding the order of logging is also an effective way to improve the efficiency of forestry operations. Experienced loggers can often grasp the correct logging sequence when they use the chainsaw to stop the logging task. Complete logging jobs faster and better.

The order in which the chainsaw is used for logging is determined according to the requirements of the skidding method, generally starting from the unloading yard (Lengchang on the mountain) and logging in the distance.
For a logging trumpet, the trees on both sides of the timber road are collected first, and then the "T-shaped trees" (also called stake wood) are collected, and the tree falling direction is selected based on the timber road.

The large diameter tree is adjacent to the small diameter tree, and the small diameter tree is picked first. Healthy trees and diseased and rotted trees are alternated, and diseased and rotted trees are cut first. In this way, the large-diameter tree can be prevented from smashing the small-diameter tree, and the strong tree can be knocked down and the sick and rotten tree can be knocked down.

If the small-diameter wood does not affect the felling of the large-diameter wood, and there is no risk of being smashed, it is better to cut the large-diameter wood first, so as to prevent the small-diameter wood from hurting the large-diameter wood.

In short, for trees that grow in the direction of tree fall, measures should be taken first to ensure safe consumption.

After judging the order of logging, you can officially start logging. Common forests and other places with many trees are more prone to fogging. Due to poor visibility and high humidity, special attention should be paid to the safe use of chainsaws at this time. Logging, we should pay attention to wearing safety helmets and protective gloves during the use of chainsaws. This is the basic knowledge of logging operations. When the tree starts to call Hawthorn, we must loudly remind people around us to separate the risk area of ​​the tree to ensure that we Peace of mind with other people's logging construction.

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