How to repair the chain?

1: The sharpness of the chain is directly related to the efficiency of the work. The sharpness of the chain should be checked frequently. Once it is frustrated, the saw teeth should be frustrated in time to keep the chain sharp at all times. When pushing and grinding, please follow the Figure 15 and Figure 16 requirements to use a round file to grind.
2: Method of frustrating chain cutter head
a: Increase the tension of the chain to firmly fix it on the guide plate.
b: Keep the right angle of the round file from the front direction, and keep pressing the file to grind forward.
c: Frequent frustration of the chain will reduce the secant surface of the chain. Please operate as shown in the figure. Insert the groove rod into the chain. Use flat frustration to frustrate the protruding part. Then file the corners into a circular arc. The two-point height of the sawtooth is adjusted to 0.64-0.65mm.
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