How to distinguish the chain saw guide plate?


There are many specifications of chain saw guide plates […]

There are many specifications of chain saw guide plates, which must be distinguished.

It also depends on the model of the product, corresponding to the corresponding zhi chain and guide plate parameters. The guide plates are mostly 20 inches, 18 inches, and 16 inches and 14 inches.
The guides of these small models are laminated guides, and the guides of larger chainsaws are 30 inches, 36 inches, and 42 inches.
But these are basically Korean alloy guide plates. It depends on your chain saw model

How to start the chain saw?
Fill the fuel tank with a good ratio of fuel. The mixing ratio is 1:25 for FB/FC grade oil and 1:50 for FD grade oil. Fill the chain oil tank with clean chain lubricant or engine oil. Turn the flameout switch to the "I" position. Pull the brake flap outward to close the brake. Open the throttle. Pull the starter cord. After there is a starting reaction, close the damper and pull the starting rope. Pull the brake flap inward to open the brake. After starting, pull the throttle trigger to reset the throttle to the idle position. Cycle speed up the heat engine. At the same time, turn the guide plate toward the ground, and check that the chain oil should be sprayed out during the operation of the saw chain. In the first 10 hours, the oil mixing ratio is slightly thicker, and then follow the normal ratio.

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