How to choose an electric chain saw?


Basis for buying electric chain saw 1. Classified by mo […]

Basis for buying electric chain saw
1. Classified by motor power: 3.7 and 4KW are basic type; 1.5, 1.8, 2.2, and 3KW are light type; 1.1KW is micro type.
2. According to the type of saw handle: high handle and low handle. The weight distribution of the high-handle chainsaw on both arms is even, easy to carry, no need to bend over during operation, and easy maintenance of the machine; the low-handle chainsaw has a compact structure, light weight, and less vibration during operation, which is suitable for mountain forest areas. Comprehensive operations such as logging, branching, and timber making.
3. Classified by current frequency: power frequency, intermediate frequency.
4. According to the type of power supply: rechargeable and alternating current. Rechargeable chainsaw work is simple, convenient, safer, but short-lasting; AC power is large, high performance, and can work for a long time, but it needs to be connected to the power supply all the time, resulting in limited work by the length of the power cord .
Buying tips for electric chain saws
1. Three certificates: production license, product qualification certificate and trademark registration certificate should be possessed. The product certificate should include the certificate of the whole unit, the certificate of internal combustion engine and the certificate of generator.
2. High quality material
a) Chain: generally made of alloy material, preferably 65 manganese, 50 molybdenum vanadium, etc.
b) Guide plate: steel material is required.
c) Shell: It is required to be made of highly shock-proof and compressive plastic material.
d) Handle: soft and comfortable, preferably ABS.
3. Appearance craftsmanship: The shell material requires tight seams, and no internal parts are exposed; the chain and guide plate have high strength and no scratches.
4. Check the fasteners: gently pull the fastening parts, no looseness, do not shake left and right or up and down; the screws are tight, no falling off, the chain is riveted and fastened.
5. Rechargeable battery: Lithium battery is required.
6. Power cord: It is required to have soft material, no broken skin or cracks, and a firm connection without looseness.
7. Safety device: there should be protective devices on the working parts, and a silencer on the engine; for knapsack products, the straps and hooks must be firm and reliable.
8. Permanent mark: A nameplate should be installed at an obvious location on the fuselage, indicating the name of the manufacturer, trademark, frequency, power, voltage, motor speed, date of manufacture, etc. Those with imperfect marks should not be purchased.


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