Will you solve all these problems encountered during the use of the chainsaw(2)?

What should I do if the chainsaw can't add the accelerator?
1. The carburetor is not adjusted properly or the carburetor is blocked, and the carburetor is damaged, resulting in the ineffective production of mixed oil and gas;
2. The oil circuit is blocked or leaked, resulting in insufficient oil supply;
3. The air filter is blocked, resulting in insufficient air supply;
4. The cylinder or piston is worn and must be replaced entirely;
5. Poor quality of oil or improper mixing ratio, resulting in insufficient combustion;
6. There is also the possibility that the damper of the chainsaw is not opened or fully opened.

The chain saw engine works fine, but the sawtooth doesn't turn, what's the matter?
1. Open the safety lock, pull the baffle in front of the handle back to the handle position, and open it when you hear a "click" sound, otherwise, push it forward to lock the chain, and the chain will not move as the engine increases the throttle.
2. The tooth pitch of the chain is different from that of the sprocket, and the teeth cannot be rotated even if the teeth are bitten.
3. The chain teeth and the guide rail are too tight and stuck, remove the guide plate and chain, and place the chain on the chain saw guide plate to see if it can be pulled by hand. If the above inspection fails, please seek professional help.

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